Leady Benefits provides employee benefits for small businesses of two employees or more. These employee benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and voluntary benefits. Leady Benefits also provides benefits to individuals and children. We can also certifiably offer Medicare supplements.

Leady Benefits

Leady benefits can obtain quotes from many insurance carriers for both group and individual insurance products.

At Leady benefits we also aid in proper completion of paperwork for enrolling and/or applying for insurance coverage. Providing the assurance that all information is received in a timely manner by the insurance provider is a key goal at Leady Benefits.

Resolution of enrollment claims and billing issues can be a difficult task. These steps are important in every day business and Leady Benefits can solve them. Call (352) 343-0044 to resolve your problems today!

Leady Benefits can provide the following services to help you, your family, or your small business: